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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Treacherous Hike

By Archie Annan, year 8, Elizabeth College

The brisk weather compressed his shocked, pale face. Grey clouds layered the sun that had once been shining. James could only see patches of light glistening through onto the tip of the mountain. His face was trembling with fear as he started to hike up, deciding not to take the path even though the weather was changing.

James did not come prepared for the hike and only had trousers and a t-shirt to protect him from the freezing cold. The t-shirt had a tear on each shoulder and the trousers were covered in holes of different shapes and sizes. On his feet were white trainers which were covered over in mud from the hike he made to the mountain.

Fragments of loose rock fell as one of his feet made a movement. James switched on his headlight as the last bits of daylight disappeared. He heard rumbling in the distance, but decided that it was still best to carry on as he was hiking up a very narrow ledge. Next to James's feet was a drop of more than five thousand feet which would have led him to tragedy. The wind was really picking up and he found it a struggle to keep on his feet.

Then abruptly, James found that one of his hiking poles had gone missing. He looked over his left shoulder and saw it dangling from a piece of loose rock. James needed the pole to keep him going up the cliff and his only option was to retrieve it. His hand grasped the pole but when he thought all was going well, a large piece of loose rock knocked him on the head, forcing him to let go of the pole. Blood covered his face and he wondered why he hiked aloneā€¦.

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