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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Unknown Inventor

By Hugo Everitt, year 9, Elizabeth College

There’s an inventor who is known across the land whose machines were the stuff of legend. If there is a person who hasn’t learned his name at some point in their lives, then they are likely natives who have traversed the sea. Their tech is likely too barbaric compared to ours, so if you see any natives, direct them to the nearest shiny object and wait until their simple minds are harvested by the extractor. I’m sure you already know that our society wasn’t always like this.

It was once a bleak, corrupt society with few rules. While the majority of the population focused on trivial things like popularity, money and their self-image, our creator worked on progress. His mind was covered with the imprint of an ideology, one that would lead him to create our current utopia of living.

He tried to share his ideas of improvement with machines and new creation. But the rest rejected his ideas. It was their natural reaction to reject change. Every time he shared a new possibility of life to the outside world, his mind was stung by the thousands of rejections that greeted him. Until eventually, he decided that the world was deaf to his message. He stopped, retreating back into his former shell of a life, his life drained.

That was, until a horrible disaster struck. Ruin was everywhere. The society had imploded on itself, losing most of the inhabitants in just under a week. Many people lost hope. After all, how could you save an already destroyed country? But while most people saw a hopeless wreck, our creator crawled out of the wreck and saw a new future, one with perfect functionality. His once lost self was reformed in the fires of the calamity.

And so he got to work...

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