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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Ana Ravenhawk

By Timothy Neal, year 8, Elizabeth College

There are stories of her, stories all through Europe. They say she has hips which are made from iron, they say her thighs are pure gold. These are just a few tales of Ana Ravenhawk.
She dresses in the finest clothes, clothes only the richest could buy. From a distance, Ana looks like a shadow; she represents all the agony in the world.
From top to bottom, she dresses in the bleakest black; her hat, her dress, her shoes, and even her socks are all soaked in the inky colour. Fantastic is her hat, covered in all of its fine silks; roses and thorns spiral around it, whilst the finest furs lurk inside. Her dress is tighter than a shark’s grasp, and appears to be her fur. A thousand snakes could’ve been stretched out, and still not reach the height of her heels. They’re sharp and define intimidation, as she seems to be towering over you even when you’re on equal ground. Finally, we come to her gloves; they are soft on her palm, but razor sharp around her nails. She sharpens them on the bones of her enemies.
She walks with confidence and swagger, and her hips move like a hurricane; all of which happens, no matter what’s bringing her down. She’s tall but frail, more willow than any tree, yet she has the strength to move boulders, and the ferocity to tame wolves.
Her face is no different to her clothes, one of her most remarkable features that is, although her eyes are ebony, her skin’s the palest white. Her seem to be made of soot, although they’re glossy and well defined. They carry a malevolent smile, a smile which could bring any man to cowardice. The finest silk and cotton, couldn’t even come close to her skin’s perfection.

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