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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Julian's terror

By Max Mccarthy, year 7, Elizabeth College

At the crack of dawn Julian woke up to an invasive bang. Exhausted, Julian groaned then looked at his alarm clock - it was four am! Confused, Julian pushed his curtains aside to see two burly, suspicious looking men with guns near a black limo. Consequently, Julian was more than petrified; his spine went numb. Heart racing, Julian rushed to his parents' room. However, when he reached their room, a seismic shock hit him! His parents were gone! Dead! Never to be seen again! Suddenly, BANG. The huge oak door smashed to the ground followed by two monstrous shadows! Julian hid in the cupboard waiting to be exterminated. The footsteps of impending doom approached Julian like thunder. BINGO! It hit him like a steam train! They murdered his parents, and now he was like a lamb to the slaughter. Julian had to stop them! But how? His mind raced up and down like a yoyo. The door creaked open. Julian’s glare first fixed on cold grey eyes, followed by a terrifying image, a snake tattoo smothering a bulging bicep glistening with sweat. Julian’s head collided with a hanger making a ting sound! The two mens' heads shot towards the cupboard; they grinned at each other villainously. Julian’s heart was pounding in his throat. They headed towards the cupboard, taking each step, sadistically toying with Julian like a cat with a mouse. Adrenalin started pumping through Julian’s body making his mind as sharp as a razor. The musical Frozen flashed through his brain. He knew what he had to do. TADDAH! Julian jumped out the cupboard and sang ‘let it go’ ‘let it go’ at the top of his voice. Tortured, the two men’s faces contorted as they clutched their hands to their ears, turned on their heels and ran for their lives!

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