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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Showdown

By Eddie Ruddy, year 7, Elizabeth College

Winston is a 26-year-old Gorilla with long black hair and a blue lab coat. He is a great scientist; he is so good that he lives on science. One day he helped a girl called Tracy who had a rare disease that would make her like a living ghost. Winston’s arch enemy is called The Throat Crusher: he has very big arms that makes him be able to squash enemies and rip their Throat.

One day Winston (who loved peanut butter) was eating his peanut butter when suddenly he heard a big thud on the door. His computer Athena told him that The Throat Crusher had come and was using a big log to knock the door down and hack Athena, but because Winston had seen it coming he ran to the door and hid behind a box. His plan was that he would get his electrically modified gun and would wait for them to break in and he would take them by surprise. Hopefully, he would electrocute The Throat Crusher and then chuck him out.

When the Throat Crusher came in Winston leapt at him and held the trigger on his electrically modified gun, but The Throat Crusher was too powerful and hit Winston to the side. Then he got up and started hacking, but Winston then got back to him and managed to pick him up and throw him off Winston’s Balcony. But it was too late; the hack was already on 56%. Athena was shouting at Winston to try to disable the hack. He tried but it was very nearly the end of Athena, 99%...

Winston tried one more time and the screen turned black “Athena Athena," then the computer screen came back on. Winston had managed to overcome the hack and The Throat Crusher.

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