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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Ransacking Squad

By Dominic Taylor, year 9, Elizabeth College

"Look, we should go and ransack that city for all of its resources," said Frank.

"Yes, it looks like this city has some very good and valuable resources, such as gold,” replied Jeff. So Frank and Jeff headed towards the city on their horses. Frank was a very strong man who could win any fight with his bow and arrow. Jeff wasn’t as highly skilled as Frank at fighting. They were very selfish and they only cared about what they could get their hands on.

When they arrived in the city they went to the leader who was called Wade. Wade was a very caring man who was not very strong or good at fighting, but he was very clever so he used his army to full effect. Although he didn’t realize that Frank and Jeff were not men who wanted to work, but men who just stole different resources.

A few days later, Frank was thinking that he didn’t want to steal resources from this city or any afterwards, so he called a meeting with Jeff in the evening. When the evening came Frank told Jeff about not wanting to ransack this village or any villages after. Jeff didn’t agree and said he was going to ransack the village tomorrow and that Frank couldn’t stop him.

In the morning Frank went to Wade and told him about the meeting, apart from that he also was ransacking villages. Wade was very grateful about the warning and told his army to go and find Jeff and stop him at all costs. He also told Frank to get a bow and some arrows and go with the army. So Frank went off to find a bow and some arrows.

In the end Frank caught Jeff and Jeff was hanged a week later.

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