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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

anything for anything

By Griffin Perkins, year 8, Elizabeth College

Phillip was sitting on the side walk begging for help. Asking anyone that crossed his path with his big eyes and ugly teeth, long beard and unwashed hair, he asked for anything. Frightening adults and giving bad dreams to little kids. He did anything for anything. This is the day for Phillip that would change his life with one person that walked across Philip's path. The man walking down looking all rich met Phillip and sat down with disappointment. Phillip looked up and saw him but Phillip said nothing, he just held up a empty coffee cup and hoped he would get a few bits of change. The man looked at him and did a gentle push to the coffee cup.
“Well, I guess you are looking for money, come with me then,” the man said.
Phillip said nothing, he just did a slow nod.
The man took him downtown to a place underground, he went to the door knocked three times. The shutter opened on the door and there was a man looking on the other side who said nothing and closed it. The door started to open with all the locks becoming unlocked. The man on the other side looked all buffed out and behind him was loads of people playing poker and a man behind the bar. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Phillip and the man and looked for about 10 seconds and went back on what they were doing. The man and Phillip went to the back of the bar. When we went through the door all I saw was a desk, some fragile pictures and two large and strong people at the back. The man sat down and said, 'If you want money you have to kill for it.'

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