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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Red Ruby

By Corey Brouard, year 9, Elizabeth College

Entering the jungle was the same as asking for a death sentence, but Joshua Reddington was prepared for it.

He was an ex CIA Agent who become an explorer. Joshua was 40 years old, but tall and still well built. He had mousy brown hair which was neatly swept to the side. His ice blue eyes were like sapphires shining in the darkness.

Joshua, his wife and his crew were all determined to retrieve the Red Ruby from overgrown jungle. His wife was called Sophie and his best friend, who was among the crew, was called Martin.

Unafraid, they entered the jungle with the supplies they needed. Joshua’s hair became sweaty and he could hear something in the bushes rustling the leaves right next to him. Someone in the crew went to inspect but just as he left his ground, a night black Jaguar jumped out of the bush and sank its teeth into the man’s neck. Joshua shone his flame torch towards it and the creature ran away into the darkness. The crew continued on travelling ...

After losing some of the crew along the way, Joshua finally found the tomb of the Red Ruby. When he entered he could instantly see the giant, glooming Ruby directly in front of them. There were only Joshua, Martin and Sophie left. Carefully, all three of them crept towards the Ruby, but they were quickly stopped in their footsteps when they heard an eerie growl from the entrance of the tomb. Joshua’s sweaty hands rapidly pocketed the Ruby in a rush for cover …
The Jaguar was back and as soon as it spotted Joshua, it made its attack. Bravely, Martin jumped in the way and the Jaguar leapt towards him. Martin told Joshua to run with his wife. Joshua and Sophie ran as fast as they could, but it was not fast enough to get away from the beast …

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