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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Ozias Eisenberg, year 7, Elizabeth College

My name is Adam Brooks and I’m fifteen years old, I’m going to tell you a dangerous story of what happened in my life.
One day it was a usual Saturday morning, I got up from my bed and knew something was wrong.
“The house is unusually quiet this morning,” I said, confused. I looked in my sister’s room to see she was gone. Even more confused, I looked around the house until I had searched every single place until just then a 'ding' came from my laptop.
I walked over to it and pulled up the screen. I got an email. Who did I get an email from? I opened up the attachment which is something you shouldn’t do but I did it anyway.
All of a sudden I was flabbergasted! There was a video with a man in a mask hiding away his face.
I pressed play and these was his very words.
“Hello Adam. I have your sister here, If you bring me the sapphire I will let your sister be free, but if you do not I will kill her. To get the sapphire you must travel through the burning forests of rogue red then through the closing walls of Aragandia which is where you will find the sapphire and then, finally, through the metal shark lake. The metal shark lake has your sister trapped on an island there and you must bring the sapphire to her for me to set her free.”
“Oh no!” I shouted.
A tear then welled in my eye.
I then grabbed my bags and got packed. “Right, I’ll need my toothbrush, binoculars, pen knife and a sleeping bag and let’s not forget food!”
I grabbed my backpack full of stuff and opened my door. I then left, packed and ready.

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