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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Was it in my imagination?

By Amiee Price , year 8, St Sampson’s School

October 13th, 19:55, it was a dark gloomy night and the rain was pouring down the window, which had no glass and the white paint was slowly fading. Robert lived in an old barn, the wood was rotting away and the door hinges creaked as they opened and closed. There were many holes in the roof but Robert didn't make the effort to fix it. He was always too obsessed with his work. Robert was a detective for a company, his boss didn't like him and he also said that solving crimes wasn't for him. Nobody felt sympathy for him so Robert thought to himself, I am going to solve a crime that nobody else could figure out. The challenge was to find the number one murderer!
20:59, Robert had decided that he was going to go out in the pouring rain to look for this criminal.The criminal's name was Jonny Mirror. Robert put on his fedora, which had a crease in the front that reached to at least halfway down the brim. The design was cross hatched with a dark purple velvet bow tied on the top. Robert also wore a beige trench coat with two rows of black shiny buttons down the front, and he had a magnifying glass.
Robert decided to go down to the harbour to watch the boats come in and go out. Suddeny someone was tapping him on the shoulder. Robert quickly turned around and saw a black silhouette!
"Hello is anyone there?" Robert asked, but there was no reply so he asked again, "Hello, is anyone there?" Still no one answered so he decided to get up and have a look around. Robert looked high and low but still no one was there, he searched under boats, behind barrels, could he be dreaming? Was there anyone there? Was it the criminal he was looking for? What was he going to do?

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