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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Christmas was a Blast

By Samuel Rohland, year 9, Elizabeth College

It was a frosty winter morning and I was off too my job as a mall Santa. Now, you may be wondering why a mall Santa? It all began when I was seven. I was celebrating Christmas and we went out for a walk and out of nowhere a man dressed as Santa shot my mom and dad and stole all their money. I got moved to an orphanage, but every Christmas I didn’t get one single present and I got bullied for that, so I made it my life goal to destroy Christmas.
After years of plotting and planning, my plans were finally going underway. It was two weeks before Christmas and the mall was heaving with the cacophony of children. My grotto filled with the scent of Christmas spices and chocolaty children, as the stream of chatter passed through my grotto, grabbing presents whilst I said, “Leave it under the tree and don’t open it before Christmas.”
Which made my headache intensify. I had a few doubts, David Diller, my elf, tried to become friends with me. He was bullied as well but he survived. My pain was too dark. Too deep. I made sure that his children chose books.
As Christmas crawled closer people become even more frantic. The noise levels rose. Finally, Christmas Eve was here, I gave out the last present and locked up for the final time. As I sat on my porch breathing in the cold midnight air I thought about the 100s of fluffy toys with the timed incendiary device nestled in their soft bellies. As the church bells chimed at Christmas, I listened in satisfaction, to the wail of the sirens across the city.

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