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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Are you safe?

By Isaac Eyton-jones, year 7, Elizabeth College

Are you safe?

Eve James Welland is an investigator for SIVNK (secret investigation virtually nobody knows). She is a mission controller and she is out of a normal 22 year old's depth, but she has her two talented agents called Bruce and Ryan to help infiltrate the two drug gangs and at the moment they are really helping to bring them down, but something big is about to go down between the two gangs that the agents have infiltrated.

Eve is in one of the 10 groups that have surrounded the warehouse ground and they are all waiting for the signal to move in, when they have a visual on the two gangs. Eve knows that Ryan is up on top of the warehouse where the drug deal is taking place, and he also has an earpiece so that he can contact Eve if anything gets out of hand. The good thing is that both of the agents are fit and have had the best hand-to-hand combat training in the whole of Britain, which is good if they get into a sticky situation. They have constant gun training and nobody knows that they are special agents because nobody knows that SIVNK even exists in the world.

“Go, go, go!” comes through the radio all too soon.
“Move in on them!” Eve shouts through the radio.
Next Eve slips the radio into the top pocket of her black shirt and zips up her bulletproof jacket.
“Come on, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!” Eve shouts at the group of police men and women.
Eve and the other groups move in on the warehouse and the drug deal.
There is gun fire.
There is screaming to back out through the radio.
There is a collapsing building.
None of the police force are trained for this.
There is an explosion.
Everything goes black…

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