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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Trapdoor To Hell

By Ollie Batiste, year 7, Elizabeth College

I began to hear a pounding on the door.
“It’s here,” I thought.

My heart was thudding as if someone had stabbed me with a knife. The door slowly began to creak open, the repulsive sound sent an ice cold chill down my spine. Nothing could help me now, there was nothing to do, the game was over.

The door swung open and revealed the monster, sent by teachers to reap the soul of unsuspecting children that got lower than five in that maths test last week. The dark figure drew nearer towards me, its icy breath brushing against my tender neck. Its pale white face looked at mine, its white robes floating up against the floor.


No reply. Its dark red eyes stared into my pale blue eyes.

It began to shout ”Horro Torro,” over and over again.

The floor collapsed beneath me and I began to fall. I looked up and saw my soul just floating. After what felt like hours of falling, a red glow began to amass around me. I then saw a red rocky surface beneath me. Incredible heat flushed around my body. I could see fire around me.

“This is going to hurt,” I thought, as I edged nearer to the ground. My body hit the floor with force. It sort of recoiled off the floor. The fiery abyss engulfed me. A red man with horse hooves and dragons wing came to me.

“Welcome to hell,” said the figure.

Red light cast around my body, red fur sprouted off my pale skin, horns came out of my forehead. Horse hooves replaced my feet.

”All this because I forgot the square root of eighty one!”…..

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