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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By alfie eliott, year 7, Elizabeth College

I felt his rough fingers pressing hard against my skinny arms. As much as I tried to free myself, his grip would just getting tighter. It was like a nightmare, trying to call out to your parents, but you just don’t have the effort to do so. I finally managed to kick myself free from this monster or whatever it was. I then ran out the door, not daring to look behind to see if it was following me out. I knew that my parents weren’t home, they had gone out for dinner together at a nearby restaurant, not far from where I live. Being alone by myself isn’t what I like to do, but in this situation I would rather be alone than sharing a house with a killer, wouldn't you?

I could see a long slender shadow bobbling around the hallway, it was the killer. I knew it, and I tiptoed through the kitchen and into the lounge behind the couch. I could still see his shadow in the hallway, he seemed to be holding some sort of massive sword or katuna.

“YOU ARE MINE,” shouted the killer from down the hallway.

My response won’t be said just at this moment, so many things were racing through my mind for what I should do next.
1. Set some traps, too risky.
2. Show myself, too risky.
3. Try to scare him off, also too risky.

My only decision is to escape, but that is also too risky. I’m going to do it anyway, the window in the lounge is closed but it's big, there is only one problem. I have never opened the window before, it’s too heavy for me. I just managed to open the window, then a hand grabbed me back!


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