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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The great escapade

By Peter Birch, year 8, Elizabeth College

It was a tranquil spring morning, the birds were singing in the trees, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. An old woman was sitting in the shade of a lovely copper beech tree. The lady's name was Jane and she lived in her own pretty little house by the sea near Cobo in Guernsey. She had a kind face with her beauty hiding behind years of wrinkles and scars from the past. She was wearing a beautiful red dress with crimson tassels and white flowers embroidered on the sides. The hem looked frayed, like it had seen better days. The glory days. The days before the war…
But beside her was something that kept her going. Every time she looked at it, it made her smile and all her troubles flew out the window. That thing was none other than her constant companion, Bernard. It just so happened that Bernard was a St. Bernard. He was the most faithful, loyal dog in the world with an enormous golden back, with soft fluffy fur, broad white legs, long black ears and a huge wet nose.
Jane had decided to meet up with her two best friends in the world, besides Bernard of course. Their names were Janice and Gertrude, and she had known them for donkey’s years. So she stepped in her car, a white Toyota, and called to Bernard,
“In the car boy,” and he leapt up on the passenger's seat with his tongue lolling out his mouth. They arrived shortly afterwards at Gertrude’s house, where Janice was round having tea and biscuits. They chatted for a while until they came to a conclusion that they all needed one last adventure. One that would remind them of the old days. To find and disarm an old German bomb…

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