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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Open Window

By Jordan Guillou, year 9, Elizabeth College

Cars hooting, men hailing yellow cabs and shops closing down for the night. All seemed like tiny ants from the view of my single room apartment. I would have sat down, turned the T.V on and had a cup of cocoa. If, that is, Damian was not standing right behind me…
“So,” I hissed, “I suppose you’ve finally come for me.” I turned around but I couldn’t look him in the eyes. He put his hand on my shoulder. It was cold. “You knew that this was due. Your crime was unforgiveable,” Damian muttered. “You know this, brother.”
I didn’t respond. I simply left the room and started down the stairs. On every flight there was a large window. On the second floor down I stopped at one of the windows and looked out on my home. The home which I hated so. I pressed my hand against the glass pane and in the reflection I saw Damian following me down the stairs. Damian stopped.
The sky started to darken and the street lights illuminated the road. Damian spoke commandingly, “Come on, we must go.” I walked down another set of stairs but again I was drawn to the window. Everyone below had no idea of my torture, but every one of them knew what I had done.
“What would you do if you knew you would never be given free will again?” I whispered, almost in tears. Damian came over, “You had free will and you wasted it.” he said angrily.
Unlike the other windows, this was slightly ajar, I pressed a bit and it started to swing open. I asked Damian again, “What would you do if your soul had been broken? I know what I will do.” I carefully pushed open the window, looked down and jumped…

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