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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Ben Moloney, year 8, Elizabeth College

Felix Mostern sat, freezing, accompanied by fear-filled blood, blood other than his own. His fair blonde hair hardened with blood, slowly firing his body with relief but also odd grief. He tried to remember what life was like 3 hours ago when he was still sitting inside in his freshly painted bungalow, wax-layered hair still up. Toned skin still alive.
But even then he still knew that these events would come. His light blue eyes dried in the heavy wind and extreme snow fall, faint stubble on his chin froze into place. His darkly toned skin also started to dry, skin layers became weaker and his handsome tone faded to an ice white. He remained expressionless, motionless, though thought-filled.
By now he had used all his energy in his well-built body on protecting himself, he was losing muscle mass fast. Mouth slowly dropping to the pulse of his heart decreasing. He had brows that read anger and self-punishment, but he had no regrets and was in his own calm world. Surrounded by once alive people.
He was motionless, slowly forgetting everything. His mind was slowly freezing, keeping himself from doing anything else. No energy in him, his attempts to stand up failed. He tried before his legs lost tan colour. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t think at all now. As he slowly fell into his unavoidable last sleep, the snow layered him, trees around him came closer to him. He stared where he once was before he was led astray. He knew now that he had to shut his eyes and see what happened next. He knew what would happen next. His body went number to the falling beat of his heart. His eyes fell shut and he lost control to the sound of his cold breath.

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