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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Adam De La Mare, year 7, Elizabeth College


“Lieutenant, do you read me?”
“Yes General.”
“We only have 20 seconds to tell you this message so I will make it quick, we have reported a missile approaching your aircraft at 5000ft, from you know who, get every one of your crew off this aircraft instantly and don’t forget Joze Junio-“

Someone was shaking me, I glanced up at his or her face and slowly shrivelled back into my cocoon made out of my blanket.
“Wake up, wake up,” I heard my mother whisper.
I ever so slightly lifted my head to see my mother with streams of tears down her face, she still had her earphones on that she ‘used for work’.
“What’s wro-"
The entire plane jolted forward, the tail flew off the end, just a couple of yards away from where we were sitting. The aircraft was now falling rapidly. I don’t remember what happened next, I guess I just blacked out. Anyway the next thing I knew we were bobbing around in the sea on an inflatable life raft. Everyone was panicking, the mothers, the fathers and the children were crying. I checked my pocket, my lucky shell was still in there, I had found it when we went on our holiday to Brighton, shiny pink it was. I have never lost it.

All of a sudden the water was stirring around us, I had lost sight of my mother. But that was the least of my worries for a gargantuan fishing boat appeared, boarded by a group of angry looking Asian men wielding items that looked like they would not be used for great pleasure. Then I spotted her, swimming in the cold sea, they were about to run into her! Then she shouted:
“я люблю тебя”

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