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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The man down the alley

By Harrison Lesbirel, year 9, Elizabeth College

Misty started to walk towards her new house when her eyes were drawn to a flickering light ahead. She slowly approached, cautiously she looked down the alley to see a dark lean man standing at the end. He stood completely still with a cloak draped over him.
Misty’s eyes followed him as he swayed from side to side. His cloak moved around in the wind showing glimpses of a dying man underneath. His ribs were popping through his pale dry skin. Misty couldn’t help the urge to move towards him, every once and a while she looked backwards at the light wondering what was up with it.
Soon she was close enough to see the details on his skin which was seen every few seconds as the wind blew it around. His face was always covered by his cloak but there was nothing but a faint light neck going up to it.
Misty stopped suddenly and spoke, “Who are you?" she said in a scared voice. He didn’t answer her. “Are you okay?" she said.
With a deep sorrow voice he said, “Not the right the question.”
“Am I okay?” Misty replied.
“That’s getting better,” he said.
“Who are you and what do you want?” Misty said.
“No need to know that,” he said.
Misty carried on walking closer as more and more of his dying body came into view. Finally she was only a few metres away from him. A gust of wind flew into the alley.
The man’s cloak flew off showing his entire body. Skin started to peel and fly off, showing muscle. He reached for his pocket and said.
“Goodbye Misty.”

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