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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Day In The life of a Snail

By Jake Elmy, year 9, St Sampson’s School

The shiny silver trail of the super slow slug shimmers in the summer's sunlight. Moving at a very slow speed looking for a perfect new home, the slug wonders along the stony flowerbed, considering whether a branch will be the best home or if the half eaten leaf would be a better home. Instead of using it as a home he eats the leaf in order to keep his energy up to find a better, bigger home. The leaf makes him feel like Usain Bolt and he soon discovers he has the speed of his idol, moving at a staggering 1 metre per hour.

After launching himself off the raised flowerbed, he finds himself drowned by the over grown grass of the garden. He comes across a pond and soon figures out he has no way to get to the other side. He spots a red fiery bridge that looks like it is shuffling along the blue fish-infested pond. He slowly realises his opportunity is shuffling away and he eats some grass which activates his super power.

Moving at 1 thousandth of the speed his idol moves at, he soon catches up and realises it is not a bridge of wood, but it is a bridge of red fiery ants. He calls out for his friend Barry after seeing him in his colony, for a quick lift across the pond in order to reach the bright shiny object that looks like a peach of a home.

Thanking Barry and the 499 other fiery ants, he slowly slithers slimily along to the shiny object after the long journey he has faced. He thinks this is it! It's the one thing he's wanted. The curly beautiful shell fits him better then all others. His mind ticked. It's perfect!

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