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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Lunchtime Visiter

By Keira Taylor, year 8, St Sampson’s School

I was by myself eating my lunch when I saw the chair seat dip as if someone was sitting in it. A breeze brushed past me like someone just rushed past. I put down my cheese and pickle sandwich and checked the window to see if it was open, but it was locked.
All of a sudden the door slammed shut. My whole body was shaking with fear as I sat back down in my red chair. I curled myself up into a ball on my chair hoping it was all in my mind but then I heard a voice. A voice that was very familiar.
"How are you on this fine afternoon Rachel?"
I didn't answer but I looked up and there was still nobody there. However there was a reflection in the hexagonal shaped mirror.
I was now stood by the mirror trying to get a closer look of the mysterious reflection. It looked and sounded just like my late grandma. Short, curly and white hair, light green eyes, hardly any wrinkles and creamy white teeth. I closed my eyes, counted to 5 and took a deep breath.
The reflection had gone but the door then opened and I saw a pair of black boots with black trousers. She stood there. The shoes looked like my late grandma's.
"Are you all right?" Her warming voice spoke. When she spoke it didn't sound like her at all. I sounded like my colleague Samantha.
"Yeah. Fine," I answered. "Have you been in here the whole time Sam?" I ask her.
"No," she answered sounding confused.
"Who was in here then?"
"I am not sure, sorry," still sounding confused.
"Oh." I was so confused about what I had seen. Was it my mind playing tricks or was it my grandma's ghost?

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