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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The butterfly

By Chloe Oconnor, year 9, St Sampson’s School

There was a young boy about seven years old called Archie, and he had always liked insects, but his favrourite was always a butterfly. He used to go around the garden flapping his arms and looking for butterflies.
One Christmas his parents got him a butterfly suit and he was so excited to put it on and go out, he didn't even bother opening anymore of his presents. He ran upstairs as quick as he could and came back down and leaped outside the back door with his net and jar ready to catch some butterflies. He walked around slowly passed the flowers keeping an eye out for them, then he stopped urgently and stared eagerly. His eyes lit up and he gave one of the biggest smiles. He couldn't believe how beautiful this butterfly was that he had found, he crept slowly towards it keeping his eyes fixed on the fascinating turquoise patterns on its wings, he slowly lifted his net and caught the butterfly and moved the jar to close it in. He screwed the lid on and ran inside shouting,
"Mum! Daddy! Look, look, it's incredible it's beautiful."
His parents smiled at each other and agreed. His dad led him into the kitchen to get some sticky notes and stuck one on the jar and asked,
"What shall we name it, son?"
He thought for a while then giggled and explained they should call it blue Archie, because of the incredible blue pattern and his name was Archie!
That was his favourite Christmas Day, one he said he would never forget! He then went out and let the butterfly go! He still went out everyday searching for blue Archie, and still catching and naming other butterflies, wearing his costume and holding his net and jar ready to explore.

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