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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The ship that never sailed

By Maddison Delaney, year 8, St Sampson’s School

Scanning the horizon I could see the vivid outline of a ship, it looked as if it wasn't moving at all. I wondered if it was leaving for good, where was it going? Was it coming back? I turned to my left to see the forest filled with a variety of trees and flowers, exotic animals and endless pathways. I looked back at the ship but, as I suspected, it was out of sight.
The ripples in the water where we had thrown the stones spread for what seemed like miles, and through the palm trees stood a shadow tall and strong, almost like it had been there forever. The soft white sand slipped in between her toes, the wind blowing in her hair. She looked more beautiful than ever. The bright orange light of the sun bounced off her eyes and, looking into them, I could almost see the ship again. That worried me. I didn't want Mackenzie to leave just like the ship, and so I gripped her hand that much tighter "Are you alright, Adam?" she questioned curiously.
"Promise me this is forever," I said, looking deeply into her eyes.
"I promise!" she exclaimed.
I couldn't help picking her up and swinging her around, holding her in my arms was the most comforting and warming feeling I had ever experienced and in that very moment I knew she wasn't going to leave like the ship. Holding her, I looked up and saw the ship. I whispered to myself, "You're my ship."
We walked back along the beach and from that day I'd always look for the ship because I knew that as long as the ship was there she would always be here as well.

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