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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Joe Ingrouille, year 9, St Sampson’s School

Sue jumped out of her seat as she watched the film ‘Absinthe’. She was terror-stricken by a jump scare, a boy plunged backwards into a river. Standing on the bridge, her brown hair matted, holding a sharp blade dripping with crimson blood, his sister... who’d died last Christmas.

Sue loved horror films, she twisted every school assignment into a horror story, the gorier the better. Once, she wrote a story about finding an eyeball in her orange juice! As she composed herself, a thought occurred: “Wouldn’t it be cool to create a horror movie?” Full of inspiration, Sue paused the TV; raced to her room; grabbed her camera and her little brother George, and slid downstairs to the basement.

She propped up her camera, got a dust sheet and some fake vampire teeth and threw the sheet over George. Who trembled.

“Sue… who’s that girl?” Dismissively, Sue reassured George that there was no girl and he calmed down, although as she turned around a cloud of dust was floating by the window.

She was just about to press record when, ‘click’, the room turned pitch black. Sue gulped as she tiptoed up the stairs and slowly reached out to flick the lights back on. She felt a cold, bony hand on the switch; a shiver ran down Sue’s spine and she half ran, half fell down the stairs. The lights came back on. Hesitantly, Sue looked up. There, hovering above her, dressed in black, was a small girl, with brown matted hair, a chalk white face and bright yellow hawk’s eyes. It dawned on Sue, this was Absinthe, the girl from the film, her mouth wide open in a silent howl. Sue screamed as Absinthe moved towards her, bloody blade in hand…

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