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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Just try

By Karis Brown, year 7, St Sampson’s School

I stood outside the house, waiting for my Mum to arrive. She was driving me to the Primary Poetry Awards. I had entered the competition in my class. It was my first time in a poetry competition and I hoped my effort would earn me a prize.
My Mum arrived just in time. I was going to the awards was because my entry made the last five.
“Let’s step through those lucky doors!” pronounced my excited Mum.
“Let’s do this, just please remember don’t embarrassed me, ok?”
“But I never embarrass you, anyway!”
“No, of course not, Mum,” I answered.
In I went as nervous as ever. Our venue for the evening was at St. Daisies Park. As soon as I walked into the room my stomach went into butterflies.
“Mum I might have to go on the stage!” I cried into my Mum’s shoulder.
“Don’t be silly. You will be absolutely fine and I will be proud of you!”
“Thanks Mum.”
We took our seats. On the stage was a man dressed in a burgundy, velvet suit. He stood behind a speaker’s podium, cleared his throat and began.
“Welcome, I am Chris. We are gathered today to congratulate our successful Primary poets. Firstly, announcing fifth place, from First Education Primary, age 10, Lucy Bell! In fourth at Early Learners Primary, age 10, Jacob Nelip! In third, from First Education Primary, age 9, Bella Hokey! In second, from Learning Time Primary, age 9, George Nike! First place, from First Learners Primary, age 10, Helen Rooth! Well Done to all.”
I was first, I couldn’t believe it.
My Mum cheered. I went up on stage, excited, butterflies had gone.
The moral of this story is don’t think you can’t do something, just try your best.
Always remember this moral.

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