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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Joe Williams, year 7, St Sampson’s School

in the year 2000 there was a particular gang that ruled London. But the thing that was very different from the other gangs is that there were only three of them. The three of them were all siblings and they had been in this gang since the age of six! The oldest was only 21 and he was little and very quick so it was easier for him to run away from the police, his name was Mark. The youngest was only 19 and he was very fit and healthy because he did sport twice a week and he ate his five a day every day, he was called JJ. The last sibling had just turned 20 and he was the geek because he knew how to hack security cameras, and it is always good to have a hacker on your side so it is easier to get away with robberies. He was called Jack. Now that I have given you the description we will get into the story...
"Go Jack, open the gate for us it is locked, quickly the cops are coming!" exclaimed Mark.
"I...I...I can't it isn't working, sorry but I can't get you out of this one brother."
"Please don't give up on us!" cried Mark through the walkie talkie. Was this going to be the end of their gang of three? If you want to find out more you have to start reading the next book that will be coming out in May 2017. So if I were you I would be going on a website right now and pre-ordering that book, and if you don't know what our website is then here it is now. www.cliffhanger.com. There are going to be more books coming out in the next year or so!

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