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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Who are you?

By Isabel Le Vallois, year 7, St Sampson’s School

He was running from his brother when he suddenly found himself in the woods. He tripped over a branch and fell for what seemed like 100 years. He was being engulfed by a black hole! Suddenly he hit the ground with a hard thud. "Where am I?" He whispered. Looking around all he could see was darkness. "WHO ARE YOU!??" Shouted a mysterious voice. The boy was puzzled because in fact he couldn't remember who he was! A figure appeared through the darkness and asked again "Who are you?" This time in a softer voice. The boy just simply replied "I don't know." The figure walked to a light and turned it on. The whole room suddenly lit up and the boy could see that the figure was a small girl with brown hair in two long plaits. She had strange, mismatched, long socks on and a patched dress. "I said, 'who are you?'" The boy replied "I seriously don't know!"
"Well, I am Penelope! How do you not know who you are?"
"Well, all I remember was being chased by my brother, then tripping over a branch. Then I was falling for ages, then I landed and met you."
"Oh. Well I'll help you regain your identity! Do you remember anything at all about yourself?"
The boy replied "no".
"Well, I guess I'll have to send you outside!"
"Outside?" The boy look at her questioningly.
"Bye!" And with that the girl pushed him to the door.
"Be careful of the drop!"
It turned out they were in a floating house and the boy found himself falling through the sky like he was skydiving. Then he hit the ground. He was back home.
He told everyone what he had experienced but no one believed him. Well no one except...

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