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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Meet Lou!

By Kirstie Gosney, year 5, Vale School

Oh, hi, my name is Ellie and I go to "Rose-Bud Boarding School". Everyone is super nice, well ... apart from Louise, she's just a bit too confident. Her looks make everyone want to like her, but her personality just switches that around. You see, she has the brightest blue eyes ever, she's super slim and her hair ... that's just something else, it's so long and blonde, it's just a shame that she doesn't take advantage of it and act nice too!

Ah, I know, like the other day when the new girl turned up. Of course Louise was all over her and I know what your thinking "well she's just trying to be friendly", but you're wrong, it was just because she had managed to work out that she had the most sweets in her tuck-box and Lou thought that her brother looked rather handsome and if she made friends with his sister she might get to meet him in the holidays. But the second Lou found that her brother was going to summer camp in the holidays and she wouldn't meet him, she didn't speak to the new girl again!

Also, Miss Adams says that Lou's brains may be the best in the school but she just doesn't use them!

She's in my dorm as well "yay" not! We are only allowed three things in our corner of the dorm each, yet she insists on five! (A photo of herself, another photo of herself and one more, that's three things and she doesn't even need any of them, she has a hairbrush and a mirror, notice how everything she either doesn't need or are for beauty!) So as you can see, not very nice is she, well I guess it's bye!

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