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The Magic Pitch

By Will Horsbrugh- Porter, year 5, Elizabeth College

One day a boy named Tom was walking along an old street called Bow Street. Tom was eleven years old and quite curious. He had long brown hair and small curly ears, in fact most of Tom's body was small except for his feet. They were already size nine and growing fast.
Tom was interested in seeing what was at the end of Bow Street as he had never gone that far before. Tom's friend Matt had once said that there was a good football pitch. Tom was not very good at football because he tripped on his feet but he was ready to dedicate his half term to practising it.
When Tom finally got to the pitch, he started to kick his ball around. Suddenly, he noticed something strange was happening. The ball was doing all the things Tom wanted it to do. It was incredible, the pitch was magic! Tom could not believe it. He was now an AMAZING player!
The day after, Tom's team, the Golden Wonderers, were playing a match against the best team in town on the Bow Street pitch. The Golden Wonderers had kick off and Tom dribbled the ball through the whole defence to take a shot. It was a banger! He scored! His whole team were crowded around him, celebrating. The feeling was amazing and Tom loved it. The faces of the people in the crowd were totally perplexed. How did a terrible player become so brilliant in a matter of days?
At home the next day, Tom's friend Matt came over to say something special. "Hey, guess what Tom, you've made the school team!" Tom was ecstatic. His dream had come true. But little did Matt or anyone else in the town know that it was all because of the pitch.

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