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By Leah Batiste, year 6, Notre Dame School

There was a simple little girl who had to have medical attention. The poor girl’s name was Alice. This little girl had short ginger hair. She had many friends before, but not now since she could not go out with the other girls. She was afraid the older girls would find out her secret. The poor emotional girl had been wandering around her own lonely, dark and sad world.  The worst part was, she had run away from her home because at school they were teasing her when she felt dizzy and unwell, she wanted to be sick but the teacher said, “You’re just over-exaggerating too much!”  
All she wanted to have was a normal life. The worst thing of all was she felt like the world was shutting her out. But the reason for all of this is that she had an undiagnosed cancer. The type of cancer she had was lung cancer. The girl told her mum she was getting nauseous but her mum took no notice of what she was talking about and just ignored her like usual.
The next morning she woke up very early to run away to go and find a professional doctor to see if there was something wrong with her. When she got to a hospital in a town far away from where she originally came, she had to find her way through all of  the maze-like doors. Then she got into a line of people waiting anxiously to get their turn to see the scary old, wrinkly receptionist at her desk.  Then a tall man came up to her and said, “Hello, my golly gosh you have grown since I last saw you, Alice Norman you ha …” The moment he said her name she died very unexpectedly.

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