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The Stolen Gem

By Annabel Fenn, year 6, La Houguette School

Lilly was sad. It had been another bad day at school. The only thing that could cheer her up was a detective novel.

“You’ll never be a detective,” kept echoing in her head. She kept on thinking of how one day she would become one. Suddenly an announcement came from her radio. A gem had been stolen from the museum in Southampton. “This is my chance to show everyone I can be a detective,” she thought. She asked if she could go to the museum and her mum, distracted by other things, readily said yes.
Lilly finally arrived at the museum. She was very excited. It was finally time for her to show everyone she could be a detective. The museum was full of precious objects but the main one, a very valuable diamond that had been found just ten years ago, was missing from its display case.

Footprints crossed the room. Lilly followed them and heard voices. She peered around the corner and saw two members of museum staff having a heated discussion in hushed voices. “This is a bit suspicious, “ she thought to herself. She continued to listen and heard one voice say “Did you hide it where I told you to?”
A different voice replied, “Yes, I hid it in the toilet cubicle in the men’s bathroom on the third floor.”

Lilly smiled to herself and slowly crept towards the marble staircase that would lead her to the third floor of the museum. As she climbed the staircase, the feet squeaked. Suddenly, two heads appeared from the doorway where Lilly had overheard the heated discussion. She needed to run.

Lilly sprinted up the stairs as fast as her legs would take her. She could hear footsteps approaching from behind, getting closer and closer. What should she do?

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