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My Ex is dead!

By Aiyah Jenner, year 6, La Houguette School

Sally, a women who had bright blue eyes and brown hair, stood out wherever she went. Although her face was beautiful, the way she dressed and acted wasn’t. She wore black joggers that were meant to be grey and a white t-shirt with coffee stains all down the front. She had a deep toned voice and didn’t like people. All of this would make sense when you have just been dumped by your boyfriend!
Whilst she was sat at the park one day feeding the pigeons, an elderly women stopped to see if she was alright. Sally’s reply was “ Go away, I need to be alone, not here talking to you.” Inside Sally didn’t want to say that, it came out wrong and she couldn’t help it.
Sally felt that her ex needed some revenge. She thought. In her head she had planned to kill him that very night when he had gone to bed. Sally had very bad anger issues after her break-up, and was seeing a doctor and taking medication but it didn’t seem to help. She would find the biggest knife in his draw and use that to kill him.
11:48, all lights went off in Number 6, Elm flats, She was ready. She felt nauseous, her fingers shook, her lip quivered as she entered. She crept up the stairs and used her key to enter.
In the kitchen drawer were knives, Sally took one and made her way to the bedroom. He lay there on the bed and his new girlfriend next to him. Her cheeks were burning. She had had enough. She felt empty inside and was ready to do this. “You’re a disgrace!” she yelled, lifted the knife and stabbed it through his chest. She dropped to her knees and cried silently.

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