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The 31st October

By Tabitha Hayman, year 6, La Houguette School

The rain fell as she watched the woman’s eyes roll to the back of her head. Ethel, the evil spirit who laughs as she watches the life drain from the faces of innocent people, maliciously possessing this mother of three.
The next morning the woman was found by one of her children, lying on the floor with a knife pierced through her head. No one knew how she had died, only Ethel, who lay hidden under the ruins of the church that burnt down in 1847, would know the truth. She would only awaken on the 31st October, that was always the one night that there were mysterious murders.
A year had gone by since the death of the woman. It was Halloween again. A wicked grin crept across Ethel’s face. As she rose from the grave, her lacy black hat fell over her face, her empty eye sockets looked blacker than black, her paper-white skin glowed in the dark as she silently flew over a neighbourhood of children. She scanned the streets for her next victims. She found a group of young girls fussing about whose house they were going to go trick or treating next. Ethel swooped down to the group of girls. She took them one by one, gathering them in an abandoned warehouse. She possessed one, to drive a dagger through her forehead, instantly killing her. She walked over to the next girl and made her slam her head into a wall continuously. The third girl possessively strangled herself. The fourth girl tried to run but Ethel wouldn’t let that happen. She flew above the neighbourhood with the girl in her clasp and then dropped her.
Ethel felt proud as she flew back to her grave. She lay down, waiting for next Halloween to come…

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