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A lost pride

By Freya Nicholls, year 6, La Houguette School

Kara leaped from island to island to avoid predators lurking in the murky waters below. They came closer and closer. She backed further and further into a large tree, its roots poured thirstily into the surrounding water. Guns pointed at her no matter which way she looked. It was as if she was sinking into icy-blue water.

Suddenly Kewii jumped out and let out what was meant to be a fierce roar but turned out as a small mew. Kara laughed as Kewii batted at the hunters they had made out of hay. Before he could see what happened, Kara had pinned him down like a deer. She bent her head and squealed “tag!” then scampered off to the other end of the lions’ cage.

“But I wasn’t ready,” huffed Kewii, next to the mounds of hay

“Tuff!” replied Kara, but before long the two cubs got tired and slumped in to a patch of tulips. After a while they sat up again “I’ve…” Kara began but before she could say any more the ground began to shake. Her ears dropped and her eyes narrowed. Her body shook harder than the ground.

“What’s happening?” wailed Kewii
“The lions, what about the lions?” screamed one of the no claws.

“There are more in the wild,” said another harshly.

Suddenly, a great metal ball came down knocking into the side of the cage, ceiling fell everywhere.

“Keen,” yelled Kewii.

“Dad,” yelled Kara, but his body was limp.

“Run, Kara, run!” yelled her mum.

Kara slowly turned then fled, salty tears filled her eyes, her paws pounded into the ground with great force. At the top of the hill she stopped.

Kewii came up behind her. “Nusa… didn’t make it!”

Her shoulders heaved. “It’s my fault. She’s dead because of me!” Kara grieved.

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