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Mip and Max's adventure

By Luciane wilson, year 6, La Houguette School

One day Max the little lop eared rabbit was going on a walk to get some berries from the forest. Max didn’t have many friends apart from his brothers and sisters. He had no one to play with. He said goodbye to his mum and dad then set off into the forest.
“I can’t find any berries,” moaned Max.
He hurried further through the forest until he realised he was lost and it was getting dark. His parents had asked him to be home by dinner. He suddenly panicked and struggled to find shelter. He rested his head on a big, wet, soggy leaf and eventually fell asleep.
Morning came and Max got up and carried on his journey. He was determined to find his way home. Max was startled by a noise. He was scared but hurried over to where it was coming from “Hello” said Max.
“Hello,” whispered Mip.
“Do you want some help?" asked Max .
“Yes, please. I was getting some food from the forest but my boat broke. Because I live on an island, now I can’t get home!” explained Mip. The two of them both talked for a while. Max said he was also lost so they could work together to get home. “Where do you live?” asked Mip.
“I live at bunny hill,” replied Max.
“I know where that is. I have a map,” said Mip in excitement.
That’s great but let’s get you home. Where do you live?” asked Max
I am a German Shepherd. I live on puppy island,” replied Mip
In a couple of hours they had finished their boats and set off.
In the end Mip got back home and Max used Mip’s map to get back home. They still play together and are friends to this day.

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