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When he found out

By Lexie Le Poidevin, year 6, La Houguette School

He stood outside the door wondering what was within. It took a few tries with his sweaty hands to open the door marked Head teacher’s Office. Inside was the Headteacher and, to his annoyance, Joey’s sister Molly. When he saw her his fist clenched, anger surging through his broad body and his lanky legs. Why was his sister in here? He had come in here a few times to be told off but nobody else had been in here.

“Joey please sit down,” said Mr Lynch. Joey went to sit down when he fell over a desk leg and landed right on Mr Lynch’s knees. He could feel his cheeks go bright red, it was the second time that day. He quickly stumbled up in to a chair.

“Why are we here?” He asked once he was sat down.

Mr Lynch’s face dropped, “You will be picked up by your Aunt Trudy and stay at her house for a few days.”

Molly piped up before Joey could. “Where are Mum and Dad?” Joey’s large mouth was still open.

“I don’t think I should say this but you deserve to know. Your Gran… died.”

“What!” Joey shouted.

“Your parents flew to Newport this morning.”

Joey felt anger surge through him. Why didn’t they take him?

He couldn’t see very well thanks to the tears itching his green eyes and freckly cheeks . But he saw alot of red and brown blurs fly upwards and then heard a shout “The chairs are flying” and as he heard that the anger left his body.
But then the sadness hit him and all he could feel was sad. Then he felt a drop on his brown hair and saw two big tears hit the floor and he ran out overblown by what happened.

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