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Love-Heart's first date

By Charlotte Gillott, year 6, La Houguette School

Love-Heart's first date

One day Love-Heart was at school; after school she had a date with Jake (same age, 10). He was a very clever boy and good at football. She had long dark brown hair and had bright blue eyes that shone in the sun.

When she got home she got out of her crop top (striped red and white) ripped jeans and Heelys. Then she called her mum and said “Mum, bring me my dress please, so I can get dressed.” A few minutes after that she got dressed and ready so that she could go on a date with Jake. Her dress was white with blue flowers. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was Jake. He came to get Love-Heart. Slowly they walked down the road to the fast food shop. Her eyes glimmered.

When they got there Jake ordered their food (Love- Heart had a salad with some scampi). They laughed all night and told jokes. They had so much fun. Suddenly, Jake asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. She said yes. He told her she was good at football. Then they walked home, but Jake didn’t walk Love-Heart home; she had to walk home herself.
When she got home she called for her mum, happily, because she was so excited, but she wasn’t home. So she went up to her room and said to herself “I thought I closed my door but I obviously didn’t,” but she walked in. Suddenly her mum came in and heard a scream from Love-Heart's room. She went up to Love-Heart's room and screamed in fear because Love-Heart was a zombie but dead.
20 Years later:
Love-Heart stood up, she was green. Suddenly she walked down stairs. (That house had been abandoned for 20 years).

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