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Did Death Come

By Grace Coulson, year 6, La Houguette School

Derick’s face turned red, his fists lifted and flew towards the head of Clown School. Once he had made the hit, he swiftly swivelled and stomped away back to his room.
With his heart pounding, brain thumping he planned his escape. Derick used a piece of flint and ripped a piece off his hessian bed cover to use as paper Ding ding ding… it was the faint sound of town clock. It was midnight.
Derick crept through the school with no sound that came from his feet or his mouth until “What are you doing sneaking around at this time of night!” Gasping Derick tripped and fell face first on to the concrete floor. Without hesitating, he stood up and ran for his life.
As he stretched to fling his body over the sharp unforgiving spikes, he saw what he never thought he would see, all the clown school pupils starting to climb up the gate. “Ahhhh!” was the sound that came from Derick’s mouth as he fell from the gate.
THUMP! Derick lay deathly still on the ground. With his best friends pale face turning into a fiery pit, he slowly opened one eye to see a tear drip down onto the floor from his best friend face. With pain filling up his mind, his eyes squinted to stop his tears flooding the floor surrounding him.
Derick’s best friend left and headed back to his room where he lay in silence thinking that it was all his fault. Derick had realised his friend had gone, so he scrambled to his feet and started to shuffle away. When morning broke children ran to play out to in the sunshine but saw Derick with his destroyed wig and black eye makeup that stained his face. They sprinted to hide from the monster!

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