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A Blank Life

By Henry Alves, year 6, Notre Dame School

Thomas never missed a day of school. He never enjoyed school, his school was just six hours of doing nothing. None of the teachers cared about their students. They probably never took notice of any of the students as they would just sit at their seats and not make a sound. He went to Luton Primary School…
Our story begins on a cold winter’s evening when Thomas was sitting by the frozen window reading the Harry Potter novel that his mother had bought him before she passed. It was the only thing he had to remember her by. He lived with his father who tried to wipe out the memory of his mum, who had died just 4 years ago when Thomas was just 7. His father didn’t have a job; the only thing he did was watch Luton Town FC on the television that his wife had bought. She had been an accountant at the bank and earned a minimum wage for 15 years. Thomas was reading Chapter 7 of his book when he saw a flashing light, followed by darkness, followed by another flashing light. His father walked in and said at the top of his lungs “They’re coming!”
“Who is they?” Thomas cried.
“When your mother still worked at the bank,’’ Thomas’ Father said slowly, “they only had a dozen people working for them, but then the manager got too greedy and decided to create his own type of human. For they were to be called blanks.”
“So what happened to Mum?” Thomas asked wearily.
“All I know, is that….” his dad then got interrupted by a loud BANG on the door, then a herd of white creatures perambulated into the room. Then one of them kicked the others down; his father knew she was Thomas’ mother.

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