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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The lady like a traffic warden.

By Beatrice Haynes, year 6, Elizabeth College

Her bun was droopy like her attitude. She could fit in between the smallest gaps. Some people would mistake her as a lollipop lady because she wore a bright yellow jacket. If she was walking behind you, you would feel her eyes on the back of your neck, watching you creepily. Her high heeled shoes were loud like a horse’s shoe. The buggy she pushed sounded like a broken water pipe. Her long dangly earrings jingle as she walks. Her necklace shines in the sun. She walks slowly on the pavement, leaning over on her walking stick. I believe she is called Ruby. When a child works past her, they stare at her.

One day a 14 year old walked past her and said, “Are you OK?”

Ruby replied, “Yes, I’m fine.” The 14 year old walked next to Ruby, with her arms holding Ruby’s shoulders.

Usually people stare at Ruby when they walk past, so Ruby was shocked. She had never been so happy. She stood up with her back straight up, she seemed to be turning into a young girl. Her hair was blonde and wavy she had blue eyes and a small nose. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a gold and white shirt and a short skirt.

The 14 year old looked stunned and shocked. “How did you do that?” the 14 year old said.

“You were kind to me.”

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