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Magic Bob

By Alex Paul, year 6, Elizabeth College

One day Magic Bob went into Manchester and started spending lots of money on sports kit. His favourite football club is Manchester United and he watched every single match. No matter where it was, he would still go to them. Except his friend always wants to go ,but he didn’t have enough money for him to. So he told his friend that he didn’t have enough money and he cried and cried and ran off back to his house.

Bob said, “At least he has gone,” and he wandered to the airport.

When he got to Manchester he went on a train to Manchester United’s stadium and sat down ready for the match to start.

When the match started, Pogba got injured very quickly in the fabulous game, so he flew down and helped Pogba up to his feet and took him to the touch line, but the policemen were not amused. They grabbed him, but in a flash, a dash of light hit Pogba.

The policemen asked if he was OK and he replied, “I am fine thank you,” and he went back onto the pitch and played on.

Somebody asked in the big crowd, “How did you do that?”

He replied, “ It is magic.” When he got back to his seat, the game had finished and Manchester United had victory over Manchester City.

Unfortunately, when he got home his friend got together his secret gang and they tried to attack him but they didn’t know about his secret power. So he used his magic to swipe them away.

So that is why they call Bob Magic Bob.

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