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The Flight

By Dominic Bates, year 6, Elizabeth College

Jake was a normal boy always helpful but he was about to do something amazing.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mondays are the worst,” moaned Jake.

“Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed?” Replied his mum.

Jake slumped into his hard wooden breakfast chair as his mum brought in his breakfast toast, bacon and eggs. Jake wolfed it down and followed it up with a tall glass of milk.

Then his mum said slightly surprised, “It’s your three day trip to England today.”

“Oh yeah, yay,” replied Jake.

At school Jake was hauling his bags to the playground, where everyone was lined up waiting for the bus, which would take them to the airport. Once the bus arrived, the teachers put the bags into the bag compartment, meanwhile the students jumped onto the bus followed by three adults. Jake was the last to get onto the bus and a rather large teacher was blocking the door, but Jake slipped through a tiny gap to get passed this obstacle.

Once at the airport Jake was excited and confused. It was his first time, so a teacher had to be with Jake for most of the time.

On the plane twenty students and the one teacher started to feel the plane dip down towards the sea.

Then the announcer said through the microphone, “Put on the life-jackets like shown in the safety demonstration.”

There was silence for a second before everyone started to scream. The door to the pilot's room swung open, with the announcer holding the pilot, who had been knocked out by a bird which smashed through the window.

Jake ran into the pilot's' room took, a deep breath and started to press buttons and one of them sent a help signal to the coastguard who came and saved everyone.

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