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A Girl on a Street

By Emma Lenfestey, year 6, Blanchelande School

Lots of people think I’m a shy little girl who would never hurt a fly, but those are the people who have never seen what I can do. All the kids in my class stay away from me, as if I have a disease that is easy to catch. No one ever sits on the chair beside me on our table in class unless the teacher makes them, and then they act as if one touch of my silky chestnut hair will paralyze them. So I stay in one corner of the playground at break and try not to start an argument with any of the teachers when they ask if I’m all right, because I’m not. Someone has found out my secret. Someone who I thought was a friend has turned me away. Someone knows what happened. That’s why I started the best piece of graffiti art this country has seen. I call it, The Emotion. The only thing wrong with it is him.
“Hi honey, how was your day?” Mum called after me in her silvery but scary voice as I trudged upstairs in a huff.
“Good, but do you know where my spray-painting clothes are?” I sighed with my more croaky voice, scared that mum would suddenly start shouting. Dad’s head popped out from the mouldy old doorway to the garage. “Hello Autumn,” he said, with his usual grin. “Your clothes are in the wash, honey,”
“OK, I’ll be upstairs if you need me,” I grunted. Our black and white cat Archie coiled himself around my pale skinny legs as I struggled to my room. I immediately got out my phone and checked my texts. The first one said, “What are you doing after school?” It was from September.
It was then that I started to cry.

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