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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Third place in the primary group


By Isla Savory, year 6, The Ladies’ College

The earth was silent. It was a charcoal black night, the only light was the glistening glow of the full moon. A little girl roamed the cobbled deserted streets, she wore blood stained rags with huge gaping holes in, her hair was blowing in the thin silent air like a horse's mane whirling in the whistling winter wind. Her eyes were once gorgeous blue sapphires that shone in the sunlight, but now they are deep murky pools with no bottom. Her bare feet on the cobbled stone of the street were so cold they were like an ice lolly that your tongue sticks to when you try to lick it. Her ghost pale face was drained of colour and so snow white it was like a sheet of paper. Her body was weak and skeletal and was so tired it could collapse any second.
She lay down on the ice cold street , slowly letting her face fall to the dirt encrusted ground. She lay it there letting the rest of her body do the same until she was so weak she could no longer move. Her arms and legs were smothered with breathtaking wounds, covered in deep tomato red blood . Her arm bone was snapped broken and in pain, her ankle was dislocated.
Her family was gone, they were dead, she had no one. The little girl let out a whimper in pain, but she had to get up. She heaved herself up onto one elbow and then onto the next, she slowly got up on one knee and hauled herself up till she was standing, she limped over to the town square. She looked at all her dead family covering the stone . She looked at her siblings, dead. She looked at her parents, dead. Everyone, dead. She smiled...........

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