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Toca city

By Breeshey Platt-Ransom, year 5, The Ladies’ College

One day there was a girl called Milly and she was 18. Milly lived in your ordinary flat in a normal city. That was all about to change.

Chapter 1. After work.
Milly works in a food court in the centre of the town. One night she was coming home from work. She popped into the food shop and got some stuff. When she left she looked around and saw a light in the tailor's shop was on and that is not normal because the shop closes at 7:15pm and it was 7:20.
Milly knew that Alex (he ran the shop) never opens early and never closes late. Milly went and had a look in the window. There was a ... man, a very long and thin man indeed.
Milly knew it wasn't Alex because he goes to his flat after the store closes.Then she spotted something. It was long thin white pointy glasses. Milly had memory flash-back to Tuesday. It was at work Milly was serving her friend Linda Cortez when in the corner of her eye she saw Brian Burger (he runs the store next to Milly's) and as you can guess he runs a Burger store and there she was serving him!
Chapter 2. White pointy glasses.
As you can tell Milly's life is going ballistic at the moment. All Milly was bothered about at the moment was getting home, let alone getting some rest! The next beautiful day was here because Milly was waiting to find out who the culprit is and why.Milly knew the answer! He is in teachers come dancing at school AND HE IS A WANTED CRIMINAL FOR STEALING THE MONA LISA. Milly was sad but happy the adventure was finally over.
"Hopefully I will be able to do one of these again sometime soon because I find it so fun." Milly can't wait till next time.

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