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Second place in the primary group

Snap That Girl

By Emily Gardner, year 6, Blanchelande School

“OMG!” I screeched. Megan was texting me about her ex. Why on earth would I care about her ex? I mean the world only revolves around me not her- so I blocked her. I applied another coat of makeup because three layers just wasn’t enough! I only have four, it’s not that much. Megan usually has 8 because she just isn’t pretty enough! Although not everyone is as pretty as me!
Mum was calling for me. ‘About time’ I thought, I couldn’t wait to go to the salon to meet Abbie (and obviously get myself all primped up).

Abbie had been waiting for me for ages.
“Where were you?” she said in an annoyed tone.
“Chill out honey. I was picking what hair style I should have. I’ve decided on a golden brown balayage with honey highlights. It all the rage. But one thing, don’t even think about having the same!” I warned.
“Don’t be so brattish,” Abbie murmured.
I turned around and saw my mum. Why was she still there? She had been there for two whole minutes! I shooed her away and strutted into the salon flicking my bottom-lengthed hair.

The hairdresser was so busy complimenting me on my hair and wasn’t concentrating and managed to chop five whole inches off my precious hair! Luckily it didn’t look that bad just as long as I used the dog filter on snapchat.

“What have you done” I screeched.
“Your friend pushed me” She stuttered and pointed to Abbie.
“Abbie! That picture I took with your hair in rollers is going on Instagram.” I snapped.
“And I’m blocking you on all my social Medias”
But the horror of my hair was so bad I had no choice but to cut Abbie’s hair into an uneven bob! I mean what are friends for?

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