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The dreaded time at the park

By summer Turberville, year 3, St Martin’s School

There was once a bright orange smelly fox who went to the park. He was walking and tripped on a branch because his toenails were too long. He then went running to get some exercise but accidentally got his snowy white tail caught in mud and it turned as black as coal. He was wearing a yellow jacket which smelt of rotten bananas, but it got swiped by some dirty leaves and turned brown. He was wearing a midnight purple hat that was cylinder shaped, unfortunately it got nicked by the cheeky, naughty and funny monkeys in the trees. He looked at them with his big brown eyes and scowled. "You naughty monkeys, this is preposterous," he said poshly.

On the playground he did a little skippy hop as he was excited about playing on the seesaw that was painted his favourite colour, green. He got on the seesaw opposite a big boy, he was very round and had nice fair ginger hair. Fox said, "Hey boy can I have a turn?" "Sure, we can share," said the boy. But the boy was so heavy that it sent him flying. He landed on his nose so hard, that it looked like he had two of them.

Fox then went on the apparatus. His ears were as pointy as elephants' tusks, but when he climbed the climbing frame he fell and landed on his head which made his ears go as floppy as a sock with no foot in it.

Next he went on the roundabout, he went so speedily his pink lips were flying, he went round and round and accidentally bit his lip and it turned as red as strawberries. Now all his friends call him Mr I'mnotsure because things always go wrong for him in the end.

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