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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Nutcracker Wood

By Lily Trebert, year 3, Hautes Capelles School

They were running the through the lush, green grass in the forest, when Orla tripped and fell over the roots of a big old oak tree. In the ground Orla, Jack and Noah could see a shiny, smooth and beautiful looking stone. Noah carefully picked it up when suddenly he disappeared from sight. Left where he once stood was the stone which was glowing a dazzling purple. Orla and Jack could now hear Noah's voice calling them to join him. They picked up the glowing stone, held hands and again in a magical flash they too had left the forest. "Where are we?" they said. Out from under a red and brown toadstool a Pixie appeared. "Hello," said the Pixie, "my name is Trixie, welcome to Nutcracker Wood. Please, won't you come join us for tea?" The three children could not believe their eyes. The tiny Pixies were so beautiful with their dazzling wings shining in the glistening sun, but they couldn't help but notice that they had scrappy clothes with rusty buckles on their tired old leather shoes. They all spent time talking about their different worlds and how they had found a magical stone. Trixie explained how a scaly, dark, ugly snake beast called the "Everlaster"was roaming Nutcracker Wood in search of the Orcale stone, which if found would give him the power to roam in both worlds. The Pixies lived in great fear of the beast. He would come to their homes and demand items of value or he said he would "gobble them up in his large yellow drooling jaws". "We can help you," said the children, "so that you can live in peace." "Let's go get some help to slay this beast once and for all, come on let's do this"...................the beast was soon no more!

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