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Kobi Dandrillini

By Zach Langlois, year 4, La Mare de Carteret School

Hi I’m Kobi Dandrillini, I’m a professional football player and I started playing when I was aged four. I played for Guernsey FC and Mrs and Mr Dandrillini and Jeff Dandrillini were my family. There are 42 people in my family.

Jeff got up to a lot of mischief when he was aged five, two years ago. He played pranks on his family. When someone was walking about, he attached a rope to a cupboard and a gate and when they opened the gate the door slammed in their face.

My favourite food is jacket potato with cheese and beans. My best skill is a Neymar rocket.

Now I play for Cushycup FC and Albert Lampwoof was my best friend for life.

When I was younger I realised how good I was at football because I scored seven goals in one match for five minutes and I was crowned man of the match.

The most disgusting food of all is mushrooms.

I was 27 when I started making my own football team for under 11’s that had a black and yellow kit that was called Minis FC. I got so much money for playing I got my own silver Lamborghini.

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