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Sophie's Magical Adventure!

By Charlotte Bisson, year 3, Hautes Capelles School

Once upon a time there lived a mermaid. Her name was Sophie. She was just like any other mermaid you might think. If you do, well think again. She is only the Princess of the Mermaids . But she didn't have a father. Though what she did have were two wishes and those wishes were to have an adventure and have a father. You might think these wishes are way too big and they couldn't happen. Well think again. One day, when Sophie was at her school, she heard a knock on the door. It was a visitor, an explorer, wow! And this is how her adventure began. "Finally I know how I can get a father and go on an adventure! Mum works at a pub so if I can get Perfect Pete to the pub I'll venture out of the house. Mum will have to tell her boss that she's going to have to look for me, then Pete will come up and ask her out on a date, she'll say 'yes, but not today'"! That night Sophie couldn't get any sleep. In the morning she woke up extra early to set off on her adventure. She did it, she had escaped without anyone seeing her! At least she thought so but Maid Snitch saw her and fainted. She swam as fast as she could and then CRASH!!! -she fell all the way down to the bottom of the ocean blue. Something moved. She looked around to see what it was and trust me it wasn't nice to find out. The sand was opening up. What a relief, she saw Mum coming, she saved her just in time. The next day Mum explained politely (she is the Queen!) that it was a sea-quake. Now Perfect Pete is Sophie's lovely Dad.

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